The Power of Meditation and Its Proven Benefits

person meditating with purple crystal in hand.

If you’re looking for an all-natural and holistic way to improve your life, why not consider starting a meditation practice. You can reap additional rewards if you integrate CBD and meditation together.

Meditation is an ancient practice. It’s been proven time and time again to have multiple benefits that can help you become a little bit lighter, clearer, and at peace with each passing day. With so many benefits, it’s become an integral part of our daily rituals at Clean Beauty and Wellness.

The Scientific Case for Meditation

white light, woman meditating
The science has long established meditation as a holistic healthy daily practice.

It may sound too good to be true: By meditating every day, even just for a few minutes, you will become happier and healthier. 

How is it that sitting still and focusing on your body and your breathing can do this? Let’s turn to what the science has shown us to be true 

Bear in mind that meditation is not a substitute for medical care. However, when used in conjunction with a proper health regimen, it’s an excellent tool.

Meditation Can Make Your Mind Healthier

There’s good news for anyone struggling with their mental health: Meditation can help you lower your anxiety levels and better manage your symptoms, per Depression & Anxiety. It has also been shown to aid thousands of study participants in beating back depression.

Stress is another thing that’s all too common in our lives, thanks to work, school, and family obligations. Fortunately, a meditation practice can help you show stress the door, as noted by JAMA Internal Medicine.

Additionally, contemporary life can do a number on our attention spans. That’s another reason to start meditating. You can improve your focus in as little as four days, per Consciousness and Cognition. Another study concluded that meditation can improve your memory too.

Meditation Can Improve Your Physical Health

In addition to strengthening your mind, meditation can make your body healthier as well. For starters, the International Journal of Cardiology concluded that meditation can lower your blood pressure in both the short and the long term.

If you keep up with that regular practice, meditation may help you alleviate pain and deal with it better, according to JAMA Internal Medicine. It can also improve your immune responses, meaning you may get sick less often, as noted by another study.

Finding it difficult to fall and stay asleep at night? It turns out a regular mindfulness meditation practice can help you not only get to sleep faster but stay asleep for longer periods of time, per Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine.

Meditation Can Make You a Better Person

If you’re striving to be a nicer and more mindful person, yes, meditation can help with that as well. Trends in Cognitive Science says that it makes you more self-aware by helping you break unhealthy habits and instead cultivate the power of positivity.

Few things are more important than kindness, as inner wellness is founded on kindness. To that end, the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that regular meditation can help you manifest kindness both toward yourself and others.

Amp Up the Benefits: CBD and Meditation

While there is more information out there about meditation than there is on cannabidiol (CBD), you can boost the benefits of your practice by incorporating CBD, the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis that has been shown to have health benefits.

For one, the journal Neurotherapeutics shares that CBD helped people with anxiety-related diagnoses manage their symptoms. The Permanente Journal agreed, adding that CBD can aid you in getting a better and more restful night’s sleep. 

The Journal of Cannabis Research also concluded that “CBD-rich treatment has a beneficial impact on pain, anxiety, and depression symptoms as well as overall wellbeing only for patients with moderate to severe symptoms.”

Meditation and CBD: A Perfect Combination

With all of this positive and powerful information, is there any reason not to start a morning meditation practice enhanced with CBD oil? The science has shown that doing so has the potential to change your life for the better – and that’s a pretty compelling reason to get started.