Inner Wellness is Founded on Kindness

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Being healthy and attractive is something we all strive for. It is why so many people work out, eat healthy foods, and go to the doctor. It’s even why some of us have opted in for healthier daily habits, reaping all those amazing CBD benefits. 

But what if there were more to wellness and longevity than hitting the gym and getting your annual physical? As it turns out, being kind to yourself – and to those around you – is a big way you can increase your overall well-being, according to science.

Keys to Wellness

What exactly is wellness, for starters? The totality of wellness depends on so many factors. They include the overall state of your body, mind, and emotions. Job satisfaction and financial security (and in our opinion, CBD benefits) can also help.

All these predictable elements go hand-in-hand with your relationship to nature and the environment. As well as how healthy you feel spiritually. The latter doesn’t mean you need to go to church, but it does suggest that you should have a personal practice.

Your ability to manifest wellness on a daily basis is also highly dependent on your habits, which are more powerful than you may realize. In fact, 40 percent of what you do every day is the result of a habit, showing just how powerful your rituals are, however inconsequential they seem.

At its core, your wellness practice also relies on your level of self-awareness, which ties your actions together with your intentions and sets the course for your daily life. This is how your long-term goals can be manifested.

The Power of Kindness

So just how much can being kind contribute to your overall wellness? A lot, per the director of the renowned Bedari Kindness at UCLA.

Two people sharing a yellow flower
Kindness to yourself and to others builds inner peace.

“Engaging in kindness, contemplating how you can be kind to others, lowers blood pressure,” Dr. Daniel Fessler told the BBC. “It has therapeutic benefits. There are benefits for treating depression and anxiety.”

That’s Fessler’s scholarly opinion, too, backed up by real proof. “We look at the scientific point of view,” he continued. “We aren’t sitting around in circles, holding hands. We’re talking about the psychology, the biology, of positive social interactions.”

That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with folks who are looking out for you. “Living with people who treat you, at best, with disregard or a lack of concern, and at worst with open hostility, is bad for you,” Fessler added. “It shortens your life, quite literally.”

So if you’re looking to promote wellness, manifesting and demanding kindness really is your only option. Yes, there is something to be said for all the CBD benefits, but you’ll need a holistic approach. “Both receiving kindness from others, and providing kindness, both of those things are the antithesis of this toxic stress situation,” Fessler concluded. “And they’re good for you.”

How To Be Kinder

Clearly, there’s an abundance of evidence showing that cultivating kindness and positivity, inside and out, can promote wellness both for you and those around you. 

That means that the little things you do, such as saying thank you to your barista, complimenting your partner’s outfit, or being patient with a crying child, can literally help you live longer and better, on top of the way it benefits others – and that’s powerful stuff.

You may also find that the benefits of CBD aid you in your quest for wellness and kindness, especially if anxiety has you struggling with your empathic abilities. Per the journal Neurotherapeutics, CBD may help you tamp down anxiety, though more research is needed.

Most importantly, remember to be nice to yourself, which can often be the hardest part of manifesting a kindness practice. Often, the static of self-criticism can get in the way, but your beauty and longevity deserve space to thrive.

Kindness Begets Kindness

While the point has been made that being kind can help you live a fuller and better life, it also can increase the positivity around you. That’s because your actions may inspire the recipient of your benevolence to pay it forward, which can ripple outward exponentially.