New Year Self Care: How To Start 2023 off Right  

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Most people end the year with a bang and set lofty goals. You might be one of those people, ready for a new you and with a resolution list that’s as big as the moon. But it’s no secret that the chances of actually achieving your massive New Year’s self care resolutions are slim to none. 

You can, however, start the New Year on the right foot. Let’s start with implementing realistic, small, and achievable objectives. Here’s how. 

Why Is it Difficult to Achieve New Year Resolutions? 

What seemed to be a great idea on New Year’s Eve often becomes less appealing as you head into January. In fact, Strava, a fitness tracking app, found that January 19 is “Quitter’s Day,” when most people abandon their New Year’s resolutions. 

The problem is that you’ve been doing things a certain way for a while now, and these have developed into concrete habits. After all, it takes more than two weeks for a habit to become automatic. To shift these long-established habits into new, healthy ones takes persistence.

The appeal of sticking to your goal may be strong, but the appeal of fast food dinners and soda is often stronger. This is why only nine percent of Americans surveyed actually stick to the resolutions they set every new year.

4 Tips on Setting New Year Self care Goals 

So how can you make those new-you resolutions stick? Here are a few tips to help you create realistic goals that will have real meaning for you: 

  1. Set achievable goals with realistic timelines.
  2. Ensure your goals have real payoffs that you value.
  3. Be sure to replace bad goals to help boost your efforts on beneficial ones.
  4. Break larger goals into smaller, achievable pieces.

5 Achievable Goals to Start the New Year off Right

What would you like to achieve in the new year? How will you be investing your next 365 days? How will the investment towards that goal pay off in the long run?

Here are some great and achievable goals to consider adding to your list

1. Focus on Your Health

Weight loss isn’t a good New Year’s goal. Why? Because you can’t get up in the morning and do “weight loss.” However, you can get up and exercise for 20 minutes. You can choose to eat more healthy foods. You can choose to replace soda in your diet with bubbly water.

These are all bite-sized goals that have long-term payoffs. They are measurable, you can achieve them on a daily basis, and they build towards the ultimate goal of losing weight.

2. Start a New Skincare Regimen with CBD 

CBD is a highly popular natural compound, and wildly popular for skincare and wellness. Experts are researching how CBD can reduce the signs of aging, reduce acne, and possibly even treat other skin issues. 

So why don’t you have the goal of establishing a new morning routine? May we recommend rejuvenating your skin with a CBD-enriched serum such as Sunshine Serum, followed by a CBD moisturizer like our Royal Treatment?  

3. Prioritize You

As part of your new year self care routine, why not add 10 minutes of meditation?

Make yourself a priority in the new year with a self care routine that includes meditation, massage therapy, and journaling. Set aside a morning once a week to invest in you. With only a few hours each week dedicated to these tasks, you’ll feel lighter, calmer, and happier. 

4. Practice Being Kind 

Kindness always matters, for those around you — but also for your own mental health. 

When you are kind, you feel more relaxed, sleep better, and have more energy since your body produces feel-good hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. 

Do an act of kindness every day. The benefits start paying dividends immediately.

5. Read More

Start small and make it enjoyable by reading what interests you. It doesn’t need to be philosophical or self help — even a romance novel counts. Reading is good for your mental health and gets you away from the constant chatter of social media.

Make a list of books you’ve always wanted to read and start from the top. Carve out 20 minutes at the end of your day and make reading a new habit.

Make New Year Self care Resolutions Work for You

The key to achieving your New Year’s self care resolutions isn’t to go all out and start every goal at the stroke of midnight on the first of the year. Instead, start slow, choose resolutions you are passionate about, and practice your habits mindfully. Be consistent, and forgive yourself when you slip up. 

You can do it; just believe in yourself.