The Secret to Staying Young: Mind, Body, and Soul

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The secret to staying young doesn’t require a quest to foreign lands or a search for a fountain of youth. Staying young is accessible, and you can start today with fresh anti-aging cream, getting fit, practicing meditation, and living mindfully.    

Age is just a number, but knowing how you feel determines whether you are “elderly,” “young,” or somewhere in the middle. 

If you want your mind, body, and soul to feel as young as you feel at heart, get started with these youthful tips.  

8 Ways to Keep Your Soul, Body, and Mind Young 

1. You Are What You Eat 

Filling your body with healthy food keeps you young, improves your quality of life, and decreases your risk of disease.

A sugar-rich and processed food diet damages your skin’s collagen. The result is wrinkled skin and decreased elastin. These kinds of food also negatively affect your health as they’re linked to diabetes and heart disease.  

A 2014 study states that an anti-aging diet like the Mediterranean diet helps lengthen telomeres, which is a biomarker of aging. 

Eat foods rich in phytonutrients, polyphenols, omega-3 fatty acids, and carotenoids like fruits, veggies, flax seeds, dark chocolate (in moderation), salmon, green tea, and extra virgin olive oil.

2. Get Movin’ 

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A short walk, a quick workout, are great ways to keep your body moving during the week.

Exercise makes you look and feel younger. The best news is you don’t need to worry about running a marathon every weekend (unless that’s your thing). Walking, yoga, and other workouts count, so aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. 

Studies like this 2016 one published in Science Advances found that working out keeps your DNA young and healthy. Regular exercise lengthens telomeres, which literally slows down the clock.    

Exercise does more than just keeping your body healthy. According to a study, the more the participants engaged in moderate physical activity, the faster their brain turned glucose into energy. This can reduce the participants’ risk of developing Alzheimer’s. 

3. Live Mindfully and Practice Meditation 

You improve your overall well-being — mentally and physically — when you live mindfully, meaning you purposefully focus on the present moment, and practice meditation.

A longitudinal study published in 2018 found that meditation improves your attention span and prevents age-related mental decline. Mindfulness and meditation also decrease stress and anxiety, improve insomnia, and relieve chronic pain

These practices are good for your soul as you can deal with challenges more efficiently and you can immerse yourself in the pleasures of the moment.      

4. Get Enough ZZZs 

Getting the right amount of sleep is essential to keeping you healthy and young. Adults should be sleeping seven to eight hours a night, but unfortunately, most people sleep less. How many hours do you sleep? 

A 2013 report states that most Americans sleep an average of 6.8 hours a night, which is an hour less than in the previous decade. The recent Covid pandemic had further adverse effects on how much people sleep.  

A lack of sleep results in skin aging as there are more fine lines, wrinkles, and dark undereye circles. Not getting enough ZZZs also means your skin doesn’t recover well from sun exposure and other environmental factors, your body feels sluggish, and your brain struggles to cope.

6. Manage Your Stress 

You already know that stress is bad for you. It affects your whole body: You don’t feel well, you have trouble sleeping as you worry and feel anxious, and your blood pressure spikes. 

The researchers of a 2021 study found that chronic stress is associated with accelerated aging, and it negatively impacts your quality of life. 

Combat stress with exercise, eating healthy, meditation, emotional regulation, and sleep.   

7. Look After Your Skin 

While your soul can feel old, people will first notice your age by looking at your skin. 

The good news is you can reverse and prevent your skin from aging by ensuring you use daily sun protection, clean your skin gently, and use a facial moisturizer. You want your skin to be hydrated to look better, be stronger, and fight off irritants. 

Why not try a fresh anti aging cream like Clean Beauty and Wellness’ Royal Treatment – CBD Age-Defying Cream? The moisturizer contains DEFENSIL, which increases your skin’s tolerance for epilation, stress, and sunburn. 

Together with CBD, omega-3 and 6, and organic extracts like avocado, green tea, coconut, and peppermint, the moisturizer slows down the aging of skin cells and prevents moisture loss so your skin looks and feels young.  

8. Be Happy  

Who’d have thought the secret to eternal youth is as simple as being happy? 

A study published in 2011 followed 11,000 people. The researchers collected saliva samples four times daily so stress hormone levels could be analyzed. The participants also had to record how they were feeling. 

The results illustrate that the happiest participants have a 35 percent lower risk of dying in the next five years. This isn’t definite proof that happiness increases your lifespan, which is dependent on various other factors like your health and quality of life. However, the correlation between being happy and living longer is clear.    

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Staying young and defying aging is within your grasp. Start exercising, choosing healthy foods, being happy, getting enough rest, saying no to stress, and living mindfully. Don’t forget a daily skincare routine, with a fresh anti-aging cream like our Royal Treatment CBD Age Defying cream.

Can you be forever young? We are certainly going to try — mind, body, and soul.