Ingredient Spotlight: AnaGain™™ for Hair Growth 

CBD shampoo in hair.

Many find hair loss a sensitive and sore point in their lives. Various chemical treatments are available, but a natural treatment option with no side effects is always preferred. But does it exist? AnaGain™ in a CBD shampoo is a natural topical treatment to kickstart your hair growth. 

The combined power of AnaGain™ and CBD provides much-needed nutrients to your scalp. These two super ingredients reduce inflammation while promoting antioxidative effects and healthy hair growth. 

Are AnaGain™ and CBD Shampoo the answer to your hair loss? Let’s find out.

What Is AnaGain™? 

AnaGain™ is an active ingredient extracted from young organic pea sprouts (Pisum sativum), the germinated seeds of grains and legumes. Mibelle Biochemistry, a Swiss cosmetic ingredient supplier, first developed and tested the ingredient. 

Young sprouts are highly susceptible to environmental damage, pathogens, and pollutants, so the plants are rich in phytonutrients, which help protect them. Interestingly, sprouts have the highest levels of phytonutrients of all plant material. 

The phytonutrients are known to have health benefits for people because of the abundance of minerals and vitamins, such as biotin, vitamin A, vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, selenium, zinc, and iron. 

The presence of L-arginine, an amino acid, in the pea sprouts is essential for the microcirculation in the dermal papilla cells (dermal cells) on our scalp. 

What Role Does AnaGain™ Play in Hair Growth? 

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Can a little known natural extract from pea sprouts help

One of the health benefits this pea sprout extract has is helping with hair growth. 

To understand how AnaGain™ helps prevent hair loss, let’s briefly look at the hair growth cycle, which has three phases. A hair starts with its growth phase (or anagen phase), lasting three to five years. In this phase, the dermal papilla initiates the growth of new hair. 

The hair eventually moves into the second phase, called the catagen or regression phase. This stage lasts three weeks while the hair bulb separates from the dermal papilla and migrates upward. 

The last phase is the resting or telogen phase, which lasts up to four months. The hair follicle and the dermal papilla join, and new hair grows while the old hair sheds or is pushed out. 

An imbalance in your body can disrupt the hair growth cycle, leading to hair loss. As you age and experience hormonal changes, medical conditions, or stress, the hair follicles become smaller and new hairs grow back finer and thinner. 

The result? Less dense and fewer hairs.

… Even More Evidence for AnaGain™

The 2019 study by Mibelle Biochemistry found that AnaGain™ helps accelerate the transition of the hair follicles into the growing phase by stimulating specific signal molecules in the dermal papilla.

AnaGain™ enhances the fibroblast growth factor-7 (FGF7) and noggin, which are two dermal papilla signaling compounds. 

The result is the dermal papilla kickstarting new hair growth because noggin shortens the telogen phase. At the same time, the FGF7 stimulates the dermal cells.

The study showed an average increase of 65 percent in FGF7 and 85 percent in noggin after the participants were treated with AnaGain™ for two weeks.  

With all this evidence, it’s no wonder why we’ve added this powerful ingredient into our CBD shampoo and conditioner products.

Top 3 Benefits of AnaGain™ for Hair Growth

1. Reduces Hair Loss 

Since AnaGain™ helps improve hair growth in the anagen phase, hair loss is countered to some extent. AnaGain™ activates the dermal cells. New hair grows because of this boost, replacing hair that has been shed. 

As an additional preventive measure against hair loss, AnaGain™ reduces the span of the telogen (or hair loss) phase. 

Therefore, the ratio of anagen to telogen hair increases (that is, eight percent more anagen hair compared to a reduction of 28 percent of telogen hair over three months). 

The same 2019 study found that 85 percent of the volunteers experienced an increase in their hair growth coefficient. 

2. Improves Hair Density and Vitality 

The rate hair follicles grow depends significantly on the fibroblast growth protein. AnaGain™ increases the FGF7, improving the rate of growth for new follicles, which helps keep the hairs at their initial density and thickness. 

Thicker hair helps reduce breakage, and 80 percent of the study’s volunteers noticed that their hair felt stronger. Thus, AnaGain™ increases the overall hair shaft health for glossy and healthy-looking hair. 

Pea sprouts are nutrient-dense, further nourishing the hair roots and shafts with biotin, L-arginine, and isoflavones to increase vitality when using AnaGain™.

3. Prolongs the Hair’s Life Cycle 

AnaGain™ helps prolong the growth phase of hair follicles when topically applied to the scalp. 

When the life cycle of hair is extended by lengthening the growth phase, hair will remain healthy longer. Hair loss decreases mainly during the end-life phase of hair follicles (during the now shortened telogen phase).

Let It Grow With AnaGain™ and CBD Shampoo 

With the vitalizing properties of AnaGain™ today, you can enjoy a fuller head of hair that’s healthy and dense. 

So try our Let It Grow Hair Growth CBD Shampoo and Conditioner. It combines CBD and AnaGain™’s best qualities to promote a healthy hair cycle, stimulate growth, and boost your hair’s vitality. 

It’s time to combat hair loss – the natural way!